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Generally speaking, there’s no need to hire a car in Prague. The city’s streets are mainly cobbled and pedestrianized, with parking only available for those with special permits. Most of the main hotels and major tourist attractions are within walking distance of one another, and the tram and metro provide the best alternative transport for longer journeys.

The only time when renting a car in Prague is useful is if you plan to conduct day-trips to other Czech cities during your stay. International agencies such as Hertz are based outside the capital’s airport, but to get the best value for money, it’s advisable to book your hire car through your travel agent as part of your holiday package.

More localised car hire companies often offer cheaper services, starting from 800-1000 CZK per day. Two of the most popular Prague-based hire companies are Czechocar and West Car Praha, who you can find at and respectively.